4-H Achievement Night


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    4-H Achievement Night


    Date:  November 8, 2019 6-8 PM
    Location:  Salt Lake County Government Center (south building atrium) 2001 S State Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84114


    The 4-H program is here to build character and develop life changing skills in our youth.  We do this by providing experiences in the form of club projects as well as county and state events.  We love to recognize the amazing efforts of our 4-H youth and celebrate the mastery they have obtained.  

    Each fall we review the past year and highlight some of the amazing things our youth have done during our annual 4-H Achievement Night banquet.  



    Achievement Night Graphic



    We will be awarding an “Outstanding Youth” award to a member in each of the eight 4-H project areas.  Below are the “project” nomination categories and a brief description.

        1. Citizenship and Civic Education
            Youth that participate in this project area complete projects that focus on citizenship, cultural education, global
            education, intergenerational programming, understanding physical & mental limitations, volunteerism, or service
            learning/community service.  Students may choose to keep a portfolio, create a poster, or write a report to submit          in county and state contests.
       2. Communications and Expressive Arts 
           This project area is very broad and covers many different aspects of 4-H. Communication arts (such as preparing           a speech or writing a poem), Performing Arts (dance, musical talent), Arts and Crafts, Graphic Design, and
           Photography are just a few examples of projects that can be completed under the Communications and
           Expressive Arts heading.    
        3. Consumer and Family Sciences 
           Youth that complete projects under the Consumer and Family Sciences title might focus on Child care/Babysitting,
           Clothing, Sewing Construction, Quilting, Knitting, Crochet, Needlecraft, Spinning/Weaving, Consumer Education,
           and Interior Design.   
        4. Environmental Education and Earth Sciences 
           Youth who are interested in Forestry, Rangeland, Shooting Sports, or Waste Management can complete projects
           in this category. Creating posters, writing reports, and giving speeches on these (and many more) topics are all
           excellent examples of projects for this area.
        5. Healthy Lifestyle Education
           Anything to do with cooking or baking can be considered a Healthy Lifestyle Education project. Topics can include
           Food Preservation, Food Preparation, Breads, Outdoor Cooking, and Cake/Cupcake Decorating.
        6. Personal Development and Leadership
           Projects in this area exemplify personal development and leadership among 4-H youth. Typically posters, reports,         or demonstrations are used as a way to show these completed projects. They include categories such as 4-H 
           Promotion, Leadership Skills Development, and Collections of coins, stamps, or trading cards.
    Plants and Animals 
           Many of our youth will complete with animal projects. These range from competing in the horse program to small           stock such as poultry and rabbits. Youth that cultivate a garden, take care of house plants, study insects, or                     promote agriculture in any form typically fit into this category.
        8. Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics 
           STEM 4-H participants’ completed projects range from science experiments, computer technology, robotics,                   woodworking, electronics, rocketry, and more.