4-H Clubs


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    4-H Clubs

    Traditionally, clubs are formed by an adult volunteer, e.g. parent, family member, neighbor, etc.  In order to create a club, a new leader must complete the volunteer application and training process and upon completion, the leader must then contact the 4-H Staff Assistant or Volunteer Coordinator to set up the club (club name, club leader, etc.) in the 4-H database at www.4hOnline.com.  

    There is an annual $10 fee for a 4-H membership. This fee provides accidental insurance during 4-H activities and events and helps to cover county program administrative costs.  Clubs may ask each member to contribute money toward the cost of a project or club specific event.  As a club member, you are required to pay for those expenses above and beyond the 4-H enrollment/membership cost.

    Club meetings must be held at least six times per year for a minimum total of six hours.  Clubs generally meet at least once a month and as often as weekly.  Meeting locations are often the club leaders' homes but other locations as determined by the club are also appropriate.  

    A typical club meeting includes opening pledges, a short business meeting (led by club officers) to allow members to discuss future activities, a hands-on learning activity (project), and social time, which often includes some recreation and refreshments.  Club meetings usually last 1 hour to 1-1/2 hours, depending on the members' ages and project selection.

    A project is a topic or subject that 4-H members explore at a pace defined by their club.  Members may select one or more projects during the year.  Clubs may continue to explore the same topic each year to gain in-depth knowledge of the project or change projects as desired.  Members are encouraged to exhibit finished 4-H projects at the Salt Lake County Fair.  There is virtually no limit to the number of project topics available and that means there is something to interest every 4-H member.