4-H Contest Day


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    4-H Contest Day

    Two Opportunities....Compete in one, or both!

    DATE:  Thursday, May 17, 2018
    TIME:  6:00-8:00pm
    LOCATION:  Entheos Academy - Kearns
                         4710 West 6200 South

    DATE:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
    TIME:  6:00-8:00pm
    LOCATION:  Salt Lake County Govt. Ctr. - USU Extension
                          2001 S. State Street  


    REGISTER: www.4honline.com



    4-H Demonstration

    You can participate by yourself, or with a friend!

       √   Select a topic you like and do a 10-15 minute presentation in a demonstration format or illustrated talk.
                >   Demonstration:  Show or demonstrate the steps to make or do something.
                >   Illustrated Talk:   Provide information about a topic but don't "demonstrate" how to do something.

       √   You are encouraged to use creative visual aids such as posters, displays, a PowerPoint presentation, etc.

       √   Topics may include horse, animals, plants, science, health, safety, personal development, food, a hobby, or                    anything else of interest. 

    You will be judged on your introduction, organization, delivery, how well your topic is covered, and your visual aids.

    Click here for the Demonstrations and Guidelines and Score Sheet.



    Impromptu Public Speaking

      √   Each participant draws three topics from a selection of questions.  You then choose one to speak on.

       √   You are given three minutes to organize your thoughts and take notes on paper.

       √   You will give a 3-5 minute timed speech on your selected topic.

    You will be judged on your appearance, the opening and body of your speech, your presentation style, and the summary of your topic.

    Click here for the Impromptu Public Speaking Guidelines and Score Sheet.



    World of Work 

    In this fun contest, you pretend you are applying for a job. The goal is to prepare you to actually apply for the job you are interviewing for in this contest.

       √   You will submit an application and participate in an interview, just like you would in "the real world".

       √   You need to come prepared with a job description, job application, and resume.

       √   All information you present to the judges needs to be factual.  Don't pretend to possess skills you don't have.

    You will be judged on how presentable the forms look, your appearance, your non-verbal communication, and your interview answers.

    Click here for the World of Work Contest Guidelines and Judging Sheet.     VIDEO



    4-H Public Speaking

      √   In this contest you will give a 6-8 minute speech on the topic of "My 4-H Experience...A Pathway to the Future".

       √   You will need to provide 3 copies of your speech for the judges.

       √   Points will be deducted for going over/under the time limit or using your notes excessively.

    You will be judged on your appearance, your overall presentation, and your speech.

    Click here for the Public Speaking Guidelines and Score Sheet.     VIDEO