Creative Connections Series:


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    Creative Connections Series:



    A series of six monthly events, designed to foster creativity and connection between parents and children. We will be participating in traditional activities historically enjoyed by women, but with a modern twist! 


    Events are designed to spark conversation between parents and children, while creatively exploring and enjoying a variety of activities and art forms.


    Each of these activity nights will include a vignette about a prominent woman in history who has excelled in a related field of study.


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    Parents and Youth (ages 8 -18) Welcome!


    Hoop Art: 

    "Hoop Art" is a form of embroidery common with youth. It is more whimsical and open-ended in design. We will be exploring this traditional art form.

    Cost is $2.00
    Register on 4h Online: HERE.

    Hoop Art Flyer

     Healthy You:

    This activity will focus on the need for healthy communication and the development of positive mental health skills. Parent/child discussions will be encouraged on the topic of healthy family communication, and how to approach mental health for ourselves and those we love. 

    February 13, 2020 from 6-8 PM at Entheos Academy.

    Registration opens February 1st and closes February 12th.

    Register on 4h Online: HERE

    Healthy You

    Flower Arranging: 

    Flowers are often used as symbols of celebration and happiness within many cultures. We will be creating floral centerpieces.  Participants will develop basic design knowledge and leave with equipment to allow them to expand on this experience at home.  We will be partnering with Ensign wholesale Floral to prepare for and present this activity. 

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Cooking Challenge: 

    This activity piggybacks off of the 4-H Family and Consumer Sciences Cooking Challenge or FCS Contest.  Participating parents and children will be asked to come prepared with a copy of a traditional family recipe. A “secret ingredient” will then be revealed, and  families will then have an hour to adapt their recipes to use this new ingredient.

    Families with then present their creation, and give a short presentation about where the dish fits into their family history and traditions. 

    Stay tuned for more updates!

    Paint Night:

    History has often been expressed through painting. In more recent years, painting has become a popular form of recreation. We will enjoy a painting activity, and discuss artistic occupations, from traditional artistry to newer modes such as graphic design.

    Stay tuned for more updates!