Call to Action Volunteer Training


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    Call to Action Volunteer Training

    4-H is the nation’s leading youth development organization, founded on research based "best practices."  We take the best knowledge of how to mentor youth and make it practical and applied. 

    We have outlined some of the necessary components to be considered in “Good Standing” with Salt Lake County 4-H. These expectations apply to adult volunteers and youth members.

    A 4-H volunteer or member in Good Standing:

    • Is “Active” in 4-H Online. This means that enrollment is completed and fees are paid at least one full business day prior to an event. Be aware that you will not be allowed to complete your 4-H Online enrollment the day of a county contest or livestock tagging event.
    • Participates in a minimum of 6 hours of educational experiences per project area. An educational experience is defined as an intentional learning experience. This means that an educational experience should be organized and carried out with a goal in mind. These should be spread into three or more different activities for the most effective learning experience.
    • Makes youth development a priority. If volunteers and members are striving to get the most out of 4-H, they should see achievement in personal and club goals and growth, both in and out of their 4-H experience.