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    Equipment Resources


    We have 6 Lyon TX incubators available for checkout. To check out an incubator you must fill out a form and commit to using them for at least 6 hours of teaching. The cost to rent an incubator is a $50 refundable deposit. Call the 4-H office at 385-468-4830. 

    Fertilized Chicken Eggs For Incubators

    Fertilized eggs are available at Thanksgiving Point. In order to get eggs you have to call on Wednesdays to check and see how many eggs they have available. The eggs are available on a first come first serve basis, if you are placing a large order they will need advance notice. Eggs cost $0.50 each. Through the months of March through May eggs are committed to go to schools, while still available to the public during these months they may be harder to get. Call 801-768-4929.