4-H Club Spotlight


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    4-H Club Spotlight

    The Salt Lake County Volunteer Leadership Team will be spotlighting clubs throughout our county this year. This will provide a resource for our volunteers to learn from one another and find ideas and inspiration for their individual clubs.



    The Strawberry Shortcake club has 10 members ranging in age from age 10 to 17.
    They meet most Mondays of the year and do at least 3 projects each year, including sewing, art, food, photography, cake decorating, and drama. The club members each serve on a project committee and plan the project activities. Each member also holds a leadership office within the club.

    strawberry1The Strawberry Shortcake Club's favorite thing to do is a service project. They try to do several projects each year and incorporate at least one club project topic in accomplishing each service. They have donated pillow cases sewn by their club members for the county wide day of service. They have also donated a Christmas gift to each of  the 100 youth at a correctional facility. One year they made flip and stitch Christmas stockings and the other year they braided fleece blankets.

    strawberry2The Strawberry Shortcake club is very active in the county, participating in Fashion Review, Demonstrations, and Cooking Contests. They are regulars at the 4-H Family Camp, both as campers and volunteering as youth leaders. Salt Lake County is lucky to have them in our county!