Favorite Foods


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    Favorite Foods

    DATE:  Thursday, February 15, 2018
    TIME:  6:30-8:00pm
    LOCATION:  USU Extension Conference Room (S1-950)
                         2001 S. State Street 

    REGISTER: www.4hOnline.com

    The FAVORITE FOODS CONTEST is one of the easiest contests for youth to participate in.  You can compete solo or find a friend and create a team of two.

       √  You will be required to prepare your food ahead of time and bring it to the contest.  You will be able to heat it up, if

       √   You will set a place setting (for your dish) prior to beginning your demonstration.  You must include a centerpiece,
            serving dish, utensil, and place mat.

       √   Be prepared to give a short 5-10 minute presentation on your "favorite food" dish.  Explain why it's your
            "favorite", where you got the recipe,what you did to prepare it, and share any other interesting information about            your food.

       √  Serve the dish to the judges and answer any questions they have about your recipe and presentation.

    You will be judged on your short presentation, place setting, knowledge of the food, your appearance, and the dish itself.

    Click here for all of the Favorite Foods Contest Guidelines and Score Sheet.