Northern Region Ambassador


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    Northern Region Ambassador

    To apply, fill out the Google Form: N. Region Ambassador Application

    Applications are due July 20, 2018

    Purpose and Role:

    • Represent Utah 4-H's Northern Region
    • Promote 4-H with potential members, parents and general public
    • Help plan, prepare, and present at Utah 4-H regional retreats
    • Recruit 4-H members from individual counties
    • Develop personal leadership skills and self confidence
    • Attend regional trainings and relay information learned with individual counties
    • Make friends and have fun!


    • Active member in Salt Lake County's Teen Council or Jr. Teen Council (or held a leadership role for a minimum of one year)
    • Active in your local club
    • Able and willing to commit your time to 4-H
    • Parent and/or guardian support
    • Enthusiastic about 4-H
    • Willing to take on leadership role within the ambassador program and in your county (Teen Council meetings, Local Clubs, etc.)

    Time Commitment and Schedule:

    • Regional Ambassadors will need to make the regional ambassador program a priority and will need to be able to attend the following events:
      • The Opening Social
      • Four Training Sessions
      • 1 Regional Retreat
    • Attending these events is essential to the region ambassador program and having a successful regional retreat. Before applying, make sure you can make this commitment.